Smarter Ear Care for Your Family

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HSA/FSA Eligible

No More Guessing Games

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Get a Personalized Doctor's Answer

Whether it is 2 am or you are away on vacation, send an ear video and get a doctor’s answer.

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Avoid Unnecessary Doctor's Trips

Get an answer from home without the hassle of the germ-filled waiting room or missed work and school.

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Monitor Your Family's Ears From Home

Finally! A way to see inside the ear and send videos for treatment follow-up.

How the Oto Works

The Oto transforms your phone into a smart device that allows you to see inside your family's ears.


When you suspect an ear infection, pull out the Oto and easily attach the device to your iPhone.

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Follow the guidance in the Seymour app to capture a video of the eardrum.

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Send the video to one of our on-call doctors and get an answer within 2 hours to know what care is needed.

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What's Included in the Oto

iPhone Oto
Doctor Evaluation ($10/exam)

Connect with a doctor and get an immediate answer to your concern.

* Use your HSA/FSA eligible account to pay just $10/exam. Plus, your first evaluation is free

Hardware ($79)

The small, portable Oto attachment easily snaps onto your iPhone camera.

* Compatible with iPhone 5/5s/SE and 6/6s

Seymour App (Free)

Oto connects to the Seymour companion app. The app guides you through each step of the way on how to take an ear exam, including what to look for and how to find the eardrum.

* Android support coming soon

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